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KIND WORDS from PAST families

 I will treasure the true and authentic expressions she captured for many years to come! I love that these portraits allow her sweet personality to shine through and are nothing like the stiff and awkwardly posed school portraits we are used to! Ordering was a breeze as Kelly provides easy-to-follow instructions and a straight-forward, and professional site. 

These are by far the best school photos! My daughter is naturally shy, but Kelly helped her feel comfortable, took her time, and still managed to get amazing shots in just a couple minutes. No forced awkward smiles here. Just my daughter's natural personality shining through. I'm absolutely thrilled!

Kelly was fantastic with my oftentimes shy daughter. She had her laughing in moments.


Kelly is an amazing photographer and was so great with my kids.  

There were so many great shots for me to choose from that It was difficult to just pick a few favourites. 


This was such an improvement from the regular school photo options. I would definitely recommend Kelly to other parents.

He is not one to open up to people at all. I expected great photos, but I did not expect my son to smile or show anything other than his usual wary face. I was ok with it, what can you do. And then I get 8 sets of images, and on each one my son has a different emotion! Including a gorgeous happy smile! How??? She spent maybe 5 minutes with him! I am blown away. The whole process was so easy, ordering is a breeze, plenty of options to choose from. So if you too have a child who is really difficult to catch smiling, try Kelly. She’ll help you put that perfect portrait of your most special little one up on the wall or your work computer screen that will make your heart sing for years to come

Kelly must have performed some literal magic on my child. 

- valentina

The photos are beautiful! They capture our daughter’s natural expression and the simple background puts the focus on her.

The photo session with Kelly was quick and easy! The photos turned out amazing and the ordering process was simple. I would definitely do this again!

Kelly was fantastic with the kids. She was silly and energetic, getting them to laugh and quickly putting them at ease. The photos she captured are beautiful and I can’t wait to see them in person.

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